The Shigeaki Hinohara, M.D. Primary Care Fellowship

Hinohara Fellowship


Hinohara Fellowship

Be an Enhancer of Primary Care Education in Japan

The Hinohara Fellowship is a fellowship program organized by the Division of General Medicine and Primary Care at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC), which is one of Harvard Medical School’s major teaching hospitals. The selection committee in Japan sends one fellow every other year. The candidate is selected from physicians with a passion for teaching primary care medicine at a teaching hospital or university in Japan.

Boston’s Beth Israel Hospital, the predecessor of the current BIDMC, had long been famous for providing patient-centered care at the highest quality of medicine. There is a common saying, “If you want good care, go to Beth Israel”. It is also famous for having developed a General Medicine and Primary Care outpatient clinic, the first of its kind in the U.S. The hospital, as a pioneer in primary care education and research, continues to produce cutting edge research in primary care and provide leading educational programs that are conducted by excellent faculty. The Hinohara Fellowship enables a fellow to learn from the best teachers in clinical medicine and research in a resource rich environment. By doing so, it also fosters the emergence of new Japanese leaders in primary care education who can eventually advance primary care in Japan.

Call for Applications

The Hinohara Fellowship sends a fellow every other year. The next fellowship period will begin in September 2019.

We select a candidate one year before the fellowship begins, and the candidate will prepare for the program under the supervision of Dr.Kenneth Mukamal, the director of the Hinohara Fellowship at BIDMC.

Application for 2019 is now closed.

Time schedule

May :The call for applications begins
July 31st :Deadline for applications, review of application documents by the selecting committee.
August :Interview of the candidates in Japan by the selection committee
September :Telephone interview of the candidates by Dr.Kenneth Mukamal and William Taylor to select a candidate.

Selection Committee Members

Masatomi IkusakaProfessor, Dept of General Medicine, Chiba University
Tamami Umeda Head Health and Chemicals, Ministry of the Environment
Junji OtakiProfessor, Hokkaido University Center for Medical Education
Kenzo KiikuniChair of Sasakawa Memorial Health Foundation
Yuko TakedaProfessor, Dept of Medical Education, Juntendo University
Tsuguya Fukui*President of St. Luke's International Hospital, Director of St. Luke's International University
(*Chair of the Committee)